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I recently had the opportunity to sample a new mmorpg called age of conan.Which is based on the worlds created by author Robert E. Howard.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this games release and i was skeptical as i've seen this before and then been disappointed in the game.

However this game was far from a disappointment. Set in the world of Hybornia, ruled by conan, but on the brink of chaos, as ancient evils threaten to

take control.

You are thrust into this world as the worlds greatest hero .where each character class has unique combos, abilities and spells at their disposal.Some new character classes are demonologist, dark templer, and herald, I chose dark templer which turned out to be one of the best classes in the game.

In a world of lush, violent and sinful graphics this game is filled with cruel gods, mythical creatures, lost civilizations and a struggling human race.

This is not a game for younger players as it contains violence, nudity and coarse language.

You start out as a hero in a single player game, and continue until you go into greater adventure with the multiplayer part of the game.

The combat system is also unique in that it lets you hit the target where you want to not just hack and slash.

World Of Warcraft has been the number one game since it's release three years ago, and this is the first game in that time period that i have seen that is actually capable of rivaling Warcraft.

The crafting system is great it allows you to make everything from trinkets and potions to armor and entire cities.

This game is a high end game and a lot of computer systems may not be able to run it, so check the specifications first, and make sure you have a good quality graphic card as this game is largely focused on having the best graphics .The detailed characters, glistening and reflective waters and flowing lava are all the type of good quality graphics in this game.

Sometimes you 'll get something like a perfect kill, and the blood will fly right onto your screen, this will give you an added bonus for a short period of time.

The instances are really good too, some people don't like instances but i enjoy them being spread out in a game. The story line is really good keeping the player totally intrested with the many quests surrounding it.

The end game is a terrific seige war based pvp.

scenerio, which sounds like it will be fantastic.

Being able to use capapults to lay seige to enemy castles is what i call fun, or if you choose you can hire yourself out as a mercenary, very kewl.

This game was just released in May so i'm still experiencing it, but other than having to fool around with the setting to maximize the fps, and i'm still fine tuning that aspect i'm getting around 30 right now.

Being as this game is still a new release if you need customer service be prepared to wait a while for a response. The in game banking system has not been working, so this is one of the issues being worked on.

Another that i found was one of the story based quests would glitch out on me, and i would just stand there and get killed by the mobs, unable to move. I restarted the game a few times and sometimes it would work but unfortunately i died, and again other times it would just glitch out.

The team at fun-com the producers of the game are doing a fine job though, as this game had an estimated 2 million visitors in it's first week. And the team is promising to continue working on and fine tuning the issues that are presently known. Future plans of the production team include, making leveling smoother at higher levels to reduce grind time, several areas planned for the game where not finished at release time, one new massive area will be added sometime this summer, the rest will be implemented over time. In July there are plans to add the first level 80 dungeon which will be unique in the sense that it can be a place of dreams or a place of sheer horror depending on the players choices in the game,

Lore quests will be added about one per level after level 20 with full voice make overs.

Fine tuning and adding more depth to levels where quests seem to be lacking mainly the mid 30's and end 50's.The pvp system will be over hauled to include penalties for killing much lower level players.

The game has already recieved more than fifteen magazine reviews and has recieved 20 awards already. So in my opinion this game is a definite must have game for any fan of online games. The best game i've played in a long time very refreshing and well put together.

A must have for any avid online gamers collect.