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By ldub on
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Who doesn't listen to music? If you don't, you're missing out. Whether it be rock, rap, hip hop, r&b, alternative, bluegrass, country, classical, or whatever your preference, you should be listening to some sort of music.

Everyone's opinions differ, especially when it comes to music. It all depends on when and where you were raised and your own taste specifically. When you're on the computer it's a perfect time to relax and put on some music. Why not just play the music straight from the computer?

That's where JBL comes in. I've owned these speakers for at least 5 years and haven't had one problem with them. The best thing is that they only cost me a little over 10 bucks! From low volume to high volume, they play very clearly, especially for being so inexpensive. Compared to traditional computer speakers, they sound much better and don't get distorted or "scratchy." I personally like guitars, and with these speakers you can clearly hear the fresh strum of every string. They connect straight to the computer with one wire, and with another they plug straight into a power outlet. Another benefit is that you can get the same great sound and plug them into an MP3 player.

The only bad thing I can say about them is that they're fairly big. No, they aren't large, but they're a little tall..about twice as tall as most other computer speakers. And, obviously since they are a big bigger and need to be plugged into a power outlet, they aren't portable. So even though you can technically use them with an MP3 player, you can't exactly walk around with them. But, you can easily take them anywhere in the house and listen to music while cooking, cleaning, taking a relaxing bath, or take them into the garage while you're working on a car, etc. As long as you have even a cheap MP3 player, you can take them anywhere with an outlet. And if not, they're perfect as computer speakers alone!