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Conair Lighted Magnifying Vanity Mirror

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For my birthday I asked my husband to get me a light up magnifying vanity mirror. My eyes are not as good as they used to be and to do close up work like plucking my eyebrows, I actually have to get up on the counter and sit in the sink to see what I am doing. He laughs at me every time he sees me but I need to be really close to the mirror to see.

We looked around at a few stores to see what was available and there were not as many choices as I had hoped for. I knew I wanted a stand up model and not a wall mount and I wanted a finish to match the bathroom which is an oil rubbed bronze. We lucked out when we hit Bed, Bath and Beyond and found just what we were looking for and on clearance too.

The mirror I picked is by Conair. It is round, double sided, illuminated and has an oiled rubbed bronze finish. One side of the mirror has regular magnification and the other side has 8x magnification and rotates a full 360 degrees. I really wanted a 5x but could not find one that had everything I was looking for. The 8x is a little more magnification then I wanted and I find it a little hard to see when it's too close because my eyes take a minute adjust. When I do focus in, it is really, really close and I see some things that I really wish I did not see but that is a whole other story. Both sides of the mirror are fog-free and anti glare so you can use it in the bathroom right after a bath or shower without having to keep wiping it off. It has 4 light settings for applying makeup which simulate day, evening, home and office light. There is an outlet located in the base which is really cool so you can plug in an additional piece of equipment like a blow dryer or curling iron into it and use that at the same time.

I have used it several times now and I am very happy with it. I thought I did a pretty good job plucking my eyebrows before but man was I floored by all the little light hairs that were being missed. Be careful though because you can get easily carried away and pluck a little too much. I tested the difference between sitting in the sink up close to the big mirror and using this one and it was incredible how much a little magnification and extra light help to get what I was missing.

Update On Mar 01, 2010: At this point in my life, I have to use this mirror every time I try to pluck my eyebrows or put on makeup. I would be lost with out it since I can't wear glasses to do it.