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Conair's Moisturing Mist Facial Sauna Sytem

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By pisces5 on
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I had received Conair's Moisturizing Mist FacialSauna System as a gift from my brother for my Christmas gift. This has only been my second time using the system because I forgot I even had it. Lately though, I have been using the product more than ever. I've never treated myself to a real facial, but now with this product I can say I have at least tried home facials. You need to fill up the reservoir with water and wait for the red light to stop beeping. After the red light has stopped flashing, you can then start your facialsauna system. After setting the self timer to only five minutes, my face feels renewed and my pores feel unclogged. The dirt from my pores comes out, as a sign of proof that the Conair Moisturing Mist FacialSauna System really does work. The sauna system comes with an exfoliating brush and a sponge attachment for you to apply moisturizer. Recently, I had to throw away the exfoliating brush since the bristles can come out easily. So, all I have now is the sponge attachment. Make sure to clean the sponge attachment often after using it, because there will be left over dirt residue. You can have a facial up to 15 minutes long, but you should always make sure there is enough water to prevent the metal part from burning. Also, make sure to clean the system after each use by airdrying it and never ever put the sauna system in water! I hope you find Conair's Moisturizing Mist FacialSauna System to be an enjoyable experience as I have found it to be!