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Conan Xbox 360 Review

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By hawki320 on
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Conan for XBox 360 contains some very mature subject matter. I'm not talking about adult themes either. This game is EXTREMELY gory, and has more than a few half-naked women (in a video game???). This barbarian is definitely not for everyone. It has a lot more in common with the first movie, "Conan the Barbarian", than it does with its PG sequel, "Conan the Destroyer." Hopefully you have some idea of whether or not this game is for you.

As for the game itself, if you're familiar with either of the God of War titles for Playstation 2, you've seen this all done before, and done a lot better. Conan falters because although the heavily relied upon combat system is engaging, it becomes repetitive quickly. In Conan, experience points unlock new and different combos for your character, but there is very little difference form one combo to the next. More telling is the total lack of difference between weapons; Conan fights with one of three weapon categories: a one handed weapon, two handed weapon, or two weapons at once. And while there are different types of weapons in the game (swords, axes, halberds, etc.), each weapon behaves exactly the same as every other weapon in its fighting category. So Conan will wield a Halberd the same as he will a giant sword, or two axes the same as two scimitars, and each will have identical speed and damage sets. As such, there is no way to customize your fighting style to suit your preferences beyond your basic weapon category. Combat gets old fast.

Combine the repetitive gameplay with levels that are too easy and bosses that are WAY too hard (expect a half-hour per boss), Conan may get your attention with its mature content, but it will probably lose you along the way.