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Congestion Relief!

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ilovemyboys12 By ilovemyboys12 on
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What an amazing drug! I had the worst cold of my life and was getting no relief! I was constantly blowing my nose because I was so congested. My left ear was completely plugged and causing me much discomfort. I finally went to the doctor and this is what he gave me to take. It is available without prescription, but is located behind the pharmacists counter because of the ingredients. My doctor, however, presribed it to me so it was cheaper. (It is a pricey medication!)

You are supposed to take this drug twice a day, but it can cause you to be jittery and restless. I only took it once in the morning and I had no problems sleeping at night. You should drink a lot of water throughout the day because it does really dry you out. I did experience a headache along with it, but it wasn't severe.

My ear cleared up and popped a little bit each day until finally 3 days after starting the medication I was better! My congestion decreased and I was feeling like myself in a short time. I am highly impressed with this medication and will take it again!