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Conspiracy 365 Review

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Matt Beesley By Matt Beesley on
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Conspiracy 365 is a series of books written by Gabrielle Lord. The series follows the adventures of Callum Ormond, a boy who has one year to solve the mystery of the Ormond Singularity. The series is twelve books long, each representing one month of the year. During Callum’s adventures he has helps from his old friend Boges and he meets many new friends along the way like Winter, Repro and Sharkey. During the year Callum also makes many infamous enemies like Oriana de la force and Vulcan Sligo. The series contains many twists and turns that keep the reader enticed while also keeping mystery around the story. Also the mysterious prize of the Ormond Singularity in the series makes the reader want to find out what it is. The mystery is also intensified by the knowledge of a crime committed when Callum was just a baby. The crime resulted in Callum’s twin brother, Ryan Spencer, being raised by another family. This help adds more mystery as Callum finds his long-lost brother without knowing who he is.

The story starts with Callum being approached by a mad stranger and being told that his father is dead and they will come for him next. Days later his family receives some suitcases from Callum’s father and a message saying that Callum’s father died from a strange disease while doing research in Ireland. This leads to Callum’s uncle Rafe helping the family through the tough times. However a few days after this Callum comes home to find Rafe unconscious on the floor with a bullet wound and he sister upstairs. This leads into the main story where Callum is framed for the murder and goes on the quest to figure out the Ormond Singularity and prove his innocence. This results in his conflicts with Vulcan Sligo and Callum almost loses his life. However Winter then steps into the story and saves Callum's life. This results in winter deciding to help Callum on one condition, he has to help her uncover the truth about her parents mysterious death without Sligo finding out.

All in all the series is an amazingly complex series and is rather long but using each book to show one month and the books being presented as Callum's diary really make this series stand out in the market. All 12 books are currently on sale from most good book retailers such as Waterstones and WHSmith for low prices.