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Contac Complete Cold Flu Tablets

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I have an odd metabolism in that what works for 90% of the population, usually doesn't work for me. If side effects don't affect 90% then I'll be in the 10% that side-effects are a definite.

Contac Complete Cold & Flu tablets don't work for me unfortunately. I have been fighting a cold which has more symptoms and kick backs than - well - I won't go there, but needless to say, this particular medication did nothing for my cold except make me tired. That of course wasn't suppose to happen as these are suppose to be Non-drowsy, yet there I was, only about 10 minutes after taking one, mid-day and so tired that I just wanted to take a nap.

I really should have known better though as I've purchased Contac tablets before and none of the forumlations seem to work for me.

Not surprisingly, the main active ingredients in Contac Complete includes Acetaminophen and Pseudeophedrine. The latter ingredient should be avoided if you are on any form of MAO inhibitors such as Marplan, Azilect etc., or have taken them within the last 14 day period as serious or life threatening interactions can occur. This is also not a recommended medication for anyone suffering from liver disease, diabetes, emphysema or bronchitis, enlarged prostate, thyroid disease or other serious health issues. For a complete list of the interactions, side-effects and warnings, you can visit drugs.com.

Although this may be a medication that works well for many, it doesn't seem to do the job for my family or myself and so I remain, working through my cold but without any help from this medication unfortunately. I doubt the medication itself is a terrible product although I know of no one so far who has found it effective, but it just may be that I'm just meant to suffer through. Oh well.