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Contour Leg Pillow W Memory Foam

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For the last 4 years or so I have been suffering with pain in my lower back, hip and knee. The pain is all on my left side and it gets worse when I try to sleep. I am a side sleeper and the pressure from my right leg on top makes it hurt even more.

I have tried sleeping with a regular pillow between my knees and the body pillows. It starts out fine but then I ended up kicking it off onto the floor every night. I was willing to try anything to relieve this pain.

One day when I was at Walgreens, I saw this contour knee pillow. It was not that expensive and since I love my memory foam pillow for my head, I figured this was the answer I was looking for. The memory foam is a high quality and it does not swish down too far when I use it. It needs to have some resistance and this pillow gives me just the right amount.

It was strange looking, actually I thought it looked like a dog bone when you look at it from the side! It was covered in a very soft green velvety fabric. I wanted to be able to wash the cover so I was happy to see that it zipped off.

The package says if you have back pain, hip pain or knee pain.....yes, yes, and yes, I do....this is going to help you align your spine, hips and knees to alieviate the pain. It does take away the pressure I feel when I sleep on my side. My hips were not as stiff in the mornings and I did sleep better. I was able to roll over to my other side and the pillow stayed in place the entire night. I know...it surprised me too!

This little memory foam pillow has helped me deal with the pain that I feel at night. It helps me get a restful sleep and although it doesn't make the pain go entirely away, it was worth the $20 to try it.