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Contra 4

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By lordkevin on
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Contra 4 is probably the HARDEST game out for the Nintendo DS yet! For some who are not familiar with the series, it is basically a run and gun game, you run and shoot enemies. Contra is known for its difficulty since it only provides 3 lives and continues, luckily there was the infamous Konami Code, allowing 30 lives.Contra 4 has 3 difficulties, Easy which gives 10 lives and continues, Normal which is anything but normal, has 5 lives and continues, and finally hard with 3 lives and continues like the classics.

Contra 4 also includes local wireless multiplayer allowing you to connect with a friend to reduce the difficulty of the stages. The game allows dual-weapon which means you can have up to 2 weapons at the same time.

I gotta say, I am a noob at this game, a complete noob. I can barely hold by ground in easy mode, normal mode, I can't even beat the first stage! But for some strange reason, I keep coming back for more. It must be the fact that it is so fun! It also has unlockables, which I will keep a secret so I don't spoil it for some.

Contra 4 is, well a very hard game, if you're a casual gamer, Contra 4 isn't going to be a game you would like at all, hardcore gamers would appreciate the difficulty but might be disapointed in how short it is.