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Control The Spice, Control The Universe.

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"Dune, Arrakis..." Dune deserves to be revered as one of the classics. Frank Herbert's creation grew into a multibillion dollar franchise, and has inspired many aspiring sci-fi writers. It is one of my personal favorites, and is worth a read by any who enjoy science fiction.

The story follows a man named Paul Atreides whose father is known as Duke Leto Atreides. They are asked to take over as stewards of a planet named Arrakis to oversee the harvesting of Spice, a vital product that prolongs life among other benefits. They arrive there after the rivaling house Harkonnen, who is none to happy with the situation. Paul's life is then cast into disarray.

Frank Herbert's writing style is marvelous, and this book alone will provide hours of entertainment, as a science fiction fan you must read this book.