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Cookies For You Baby.

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Gerber Graduates is not something that I buy a lot of, usually my babies go right from the baby food to the regular food either blended or well mashed. I never thought that other than for convenience that Gerber Graduates was any better than what I myself could cook up for my babies/ toddlers.

Now let me get into a little history here, I'm Canadian, but have been in the USA for 5 years, so I'm still trying to get use to some of the different things here, one of the things was that after my daughter was born 3 years ago, baby food here is different, In Canada we had Arrowroot biscuit and Farley biscuits that you feed your baby ( my mother feed them to my sister and I and I feed them to my now 15 year old son) I looked high and low here for them here in the US, and most people I would mention it to kinda looked at me like I was from outer space or something. And that's when I can across Gerber Graduates Biter biscuits.

Gerber Biter Biscuits have been doing my babies just fine, they are about the length of your index finger, and about as wide as two grown up finger put together, they are shaped just perfect for your little ones hands, They are a very hard cookie not something your baby will squeeze or break in half and choke on. This biscuits soften up as the babies gnaws on them, getting them very mushy so they can melt in there mouth or hands. I have been using these for the past 3 year with my 3 babies, and they just love them. These are great for when the little one is teething also and they want something to chew on.

Gerber Graduates Biter Biscuits are sold in a bright Yellow colored box with 12 individually wrapped biscuits per box. The fact that they are individually wrapped is so convenient, thay stay much fresher as you only open one biscuit as needed, and they are great to bring on the go.

If you are looking for a different kind of snack for your baby, try these you will be shock at how much your baby will love this snack. The box does recommend babies 10 months at up, but I have given them to mine babies at about 8 months and just watched them closely and they were fine.