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Reviewing: Hawkins Pressure Cooker  |  Rating:
triptibaby By triptibaby on
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I had purchased this pressure cooker from Hawkins a year back. The size of the pressure cooker is 5 Liters and I usually use this cooker when there are a number of guests visiting my home. The cooker is bulky and facilitates to cook rice for about 6 persons at once. I use the cooker usually to cook rice, the most common food item of India.

The Look:

The pressure cooker has a nice look and is silver colored which glows to the slightest light. The body is almost cylindrical and lid is well fitted to it. When closed, the pressure cooker looks nice and the weight is bearable and I can lift it up with my left hand itself while empty and that also without much effort.

My experience:

The cooker cooks my meals quite quickly and saves a lot of fuel while cooking. We are accustomed to using gas burner and I took around 7 to 10 minutes to cook my rice. I put off the flame with a single whistle and then keep it as such till the whistle subsides and all the pressure inside releases. There is a gasket to protect leaking of water out of the pressure cooker and so it keeps the exterior clean all the time. I don't face any problem to clean the pressure cooker after use as it has a broad mouth through which I can use my scrubber with cleaner. It takes some effort to clean the nozzle of the whistle on the lid as I need some needles to clean the dirt's that might accumulate at times in the nozzle. But it is very comfortable to do so if we do it on a regular basis.

So far I did not have trouble with the cooker and it is running smoothly with the same efficiency as it worked the day I used it for the first time.


Highly recommended.