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Cool And Zesty Deo Dry Dry Effect Deodorant Stinks

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Lauri Crowe By Lauri Crowe on
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The Body Shop DeoDry Deodorant

The Body Shop’s DeoDry Deodorant Cool & Zesty stick is an aluminum free deodorant. This is the main reason my family decided to try the product. It contains no aluminum salts, and the packaging states that it offers 24 hour protection. All three of us tried this product, and we found it offers about six hour protection if you are doing anything other than sitting still. Please note that I’m a woman in my forties, and my boys are pre-teen and going through puberty, so the product works with both these age groups and body groups to six hour effectiveness. This was disappointing; however, the product does have some benefits even if it doesn’t offer the 24 hour protection.

Out of the three of us, none of us developed any under arm rash. This is great, because we do tend to have rashes develop easily with deodorant sticks. Since this is an aluminum free deodorant product, I’m assuming that aluminum salts do factor in to our previous rashes. However, The Body Shop DeoDry stick did not produce any rash at all.

The Cool & Zesty stick is also a pleasant scent at the start. It has a light citrus scent to it that doesn’t compete with other scents or colognes, and is a nice smell in the stick. However; If you use this deodorant stick when you exercise the scent does increase as your activity level does. Just make sure you have it along to reapply if you’re reaching the six hour point or you may end up with an unpleasant body odor which smells a bit like very ripe or spoiled fruit and stinks.

As far as aluminum free deodorants go, DeoDry is affordable. I purchased the body product online at a cost of $4.00 each. We’ve spent up to $8.00 per stick on other aluminum free deodorant products that were very similar as far as their ability to offer odor protection. DeoDry Cool & Zesty stick has very similar ingredients to other aluminum free deodorant products we’ve tried, including volcanic minerals and essential oils.

Even though it’s cost effective, there is another big reason that my family probably won’t purchase this product again. That reason is functionality. Once you roll the deodorant stick up the DeoDry cap doesn’t seal. Usually with most deodorant sticks you can have the deodorant up beyond the lip of the case so that you can apply it without hitting the plastic and the cap still fits on. With The Body Shop’s DeoDry you can’t put the cap on if the aluminum free deodorant is extended. Instead, you have to roll the deodorant stick down below the plastic lip before you can reseal the lid. This means the gel dries out if you don’t take the time to roll the stick back down, and frankly with busy lifestyles we don’t have time for that extra time when we can avoid it with other products.