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Cool As A Hurricane

Reviewing: 02 Cool 10" Battery Operated Indoor/Outdoor Fan  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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Living in NW Florida, I have experienced more than my share of hurricanes. Not too long ago, a hurricane knocked out our power for seven days! That was the most miserable time of my life (physically.) When hurricanes come to our area, it is always still a hot time of year, and not much is more uncomfortable than being in Florida without air conditioning. We were all suffering horribly.

I kept thinking that surely there must be a battery operated fan, that could help in a situation like ours. So I did some research on the Internet, and sure enough, found a battery operated fan. It is 10" tall, and requires 8 "D" batteries. It comes with an AC adapter, so that you can also use it when the electricity is working!

The box says that it is great for camping, boating, and RVs, as well as storms. With typical use, the battery life is approximately 72 hours. It is an attractive, compact lightweight 2-speed fan. You can hang it, or use it in a standing position. Since it is so compact, it is also easy and convenient to pack in your luggage.

This little fan is advertised as the "most powerful fan of its kind." Thank the Lord, I have not had to use it for a power outage. We have been short on hurricanes for the past 2 years (hallelujah!) But I have used it, and it's a great fan! I will certainly be ready, if disaster strikes my family again, as I bought one of these fans for each member of my family. That way, sleeping won't be so difficult, when the house is hot, and we suffer a power outage.

I have also seen these fans in Walgreens, and other places, so you may be able to purchase them locally, if needed. It never hurts to be prepared!