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Reviewing: Dashing For Men Cool Roll On Deodorant  |  Rating:
lordofdarkness66 By lordofdarkness66 on
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If you have read my previous review on the perfumed talcum powder, you would know by now what Dashing for Men is. Well this review is about a product that goes extremely well with the Perfumed Talcum Powder: a roll on deodorant.

Just like the perfumed talcum powder, Dashing has its range of Roll on Deodorants that come in the exact same fragrance. The only difference is that the roll on deodorant has a stronger smell. The one that I am going to talk about in particular is the Cool Roll on Deodorant. I bought this scent in particular because it matches the scent of my perfumed talcum powder.

We have all had our moments when a nasty sweat patch forms on our shirts at our armpits. Embarrassing isn't it? In some people, especially those who sweat profusely, body odor may be present. However, with the Cool Roll on Deodorant by Dashing, you can say goodbye to all these problems. The deodorant keeps your skin from sweating. The scent is very good. Even if you apply a little bit of the deodorant the person next to you can smell it and he or she won't be complaining. But the best feature of this deodorant is how long it lasts. The longest it lasts is around twelve hours (yes, I've actually tested it) and the scent still remains strong.

This is a very good deodorant that I would definitely recommend. At $2 for a bottle of 50ml, this is a must have. Great job Dashing.