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Cool Water Is Nice, Cool Ocean Is Better

Reviewing: Cool Ocean Eau De Pafum  |  Rating:
princessmichelle77 By princessmichelle77 on
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I've long been a fan of Dividoff's Cool Water perfume for women. I love the fresh, clean smell of it. While it's a moderately priced fragrance the price can still be a little steep sometimes when you're short on dough.

My mom and I went to check out this new store in town called DD's Discounts, it's along the lines of a ROSS or TJ Maxx type store. I saw a counter with fragrances on it and went to check them out. I thought hey, it's a discount store so maybe I'll get a little bit of a break on some of my favorites. The first thing that caught my eye when I got to the counter was a box of Cool Water. I picked it up to see how much it was and realized it wasn't Cool Water, it was Cool Ocean. I kind of rolled my eyes and sat it back down. I've smelled enough imposter perfumes that smelled nothing like the real thing, they just smell like alcohol.

I was thinking though that the box fooled me, it looked just like a Cool Water box so maybe this perfume might be different than the others. So I took out the bottle, which also looked very similar to the Cool Water bottle. I sprayed a little not expecting much but what I got was a scent that smelled just like Cool Water! I was excited. I couldn't believe I actually came across an imposter perfume that smells like the real deal.

The best part is that it was only 3.99 and it's a fairly large bottle. I can't wait to go back and see what other great fragrances I can find there. :)