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Coolaroo Pet Bed Durable Comfort

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You would be hard pressed to find a pet bed on the market today that my dog would not destroy… It isn’t that he is in his destructive faze anymore... He has lonnnnggg outgrown that, but he likes to fluff and arrange his bedding with his paws and mouth…

Bean bag beds - Rrrriiiiiiip!!!!

Pillow beds - Rrrrrrriiiiippppp!!!!

Basket beds - RRRRRIiiiiiiipppp!!!

Blanket beds - RRRRiiiiiippppp!!!!

Extra strong foam bed - Hmmmm… Will it last? Nope! Riiiiiiiipppp!!!!

Coolaroo - 2 + years and still going strong!!! No rips!!!!

How could this be???

I believe it has to do with the Coolaroo Polyfabric that is used as the base of the bed, which is like a mini cot.

The green fabric is all weather, indoor/outdoor, that stretches over a coated piping that is held in place by screws. The fabric itself is self healing, which means that if something small should poke through it, like a nail, you can brush the hole out. As much as my dog has scratched at it, however, he has never created a hole.

Putting the bed together was a bit difficult as the fabric wants to twist the assembly. Don’t worry about this because one you put the bed on a flat surface the bed can be pushed/twisted into place very easily. If two people can assemble this together it will help because of the tightness of the cloth, but one can do it alone with a little bit of patience.

One the bed is assembled we had to check the screws as they kept loosening from the dog getting on and off the bed and ruffling it around… after a while though the bed seemed to settle in and the screws no longer loosen. To avoid this you might want to get a can of that stuff that keeps the screws tight in place.

You will notice that on my pictures one is a picture of the Coolaroo bed by itself, while the other is of my dog on the bed… buttt under the dog is actually a wool Swiss Army blanket. The thing is that my dog likes to work his way into the bed and this bed isn’t plush. At first he totally avoided the bed and I was not sure that he would sleep on it at all… but we got him a sturdy Swiss Army Blanket to go over the bed and within a week of him seeing the bed there he finally got on it… and now we cannot get him off! Haha! He LOVES it!

The bed is about 7 inches off of the floor, which is nice in any kind of weather as it allows for air circulation.

Because the bed is woven small particles of dirt and hair will find it’s way through the bed and onto the floor or ground (if kept outside).

The bed can be hosed off and will dry pretty darn fast, if needed.

Because there is no fillers in the bed it cannot become infested with fleas or mites… so if your pet happens to have a problem with fleas, etc you can just hose off the bed, air it out, treat your pet and let him sleep on his own bed as usual.

Here is a direct link to the pet beds on the Coolaroo site:


I actually purchased my bed through Improvements Catalog, but I would highly recommend NOT shopping there. I did a search and found that they sell this at Amazon.com with free super saver shipping here:


Please note that the frame of the bed does jut out quite a bit from the actual sleeping part of the bed, which may end up making the bed to large for many indoor areas. We just happened to have a good spot in the bedroom where the legs of one side can wrap around a piece of furniture and it is high enough to allow free flow of air from our heating vent.

The measurements of the sleeping area of our medium sized Coolaroo: 2’ 11” Long x 2’ 1” Wide

The total measurements of the Coolaroo, including the frame: 3’7” Long x 2’ 1” Wide x 7” High

These measurements are approximate as this is his sleep time so he was measured around. ;)