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Coppertone Quick Cover Lotion Spray Spf50

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I have a 5 year old daughter, a 6 year old brother and 7 month old niece. My mother, sister, niece, brother, daughter and myself all decided to go to the pool last summer. They both brought their sticky, messy lotions for the children and themselves. I had brought my Coppertone Continuous Spray and QuickCover Lotion Spray. Before they applied it, I initiated a conversation about this wonderful new product that I purchased from my local Walmart. My daughter and I had gone swimming the previous Sunday and we used the two products I purchased. I was absolutely in love with them! Nothing I had EVER used was as convenient and mess free. "Ah, don't use that on Eric! Use this" I said as I handed my mother the Coppertone QuickCover Lotion Spray. I explained how to use it, and she applied it in a breeze and was shocked. "I cannot believe how simple this is. Do you remember last summer, we spent at least 15 minutes applying lotion to the kids?" My mother replied with a laugh. "Am I able to use that on Ayra?" My sister said after Lexie and Eric were both sprayed head to toe with the Quickcover Lotion. The previous lotion she had used was for six months and up, just as the Quickcover was. "Its just as safe as the one you were going to use. Only its faster and easier to apply. And it seems to have more SPF protection!" I said in response. Ayra is, by nature, a very squirmy baby. Its nearly impossible to apply regular lotions, and not miss a spot. It didn't take us but a minute or two to have Ayra completely covered. And she didn't once cry, which is very unusual for her. I sprayed myself down with the Continuous spray and passed it over to my mother and sister. I continued to tell my mother and sister, as we got into the shallow end of the pool with the kids, how Lexie didn't burn even the slightest when we were at the pool on Saturday. And neither did I! We are a very pale family, and we all burn ridiculously easy. "If none of us walk out of here with a sunburn, it'll be a miracle." My mother said shortly after entering the pool. We were at the pool for an hour and a half, then decided to get home so we could feed the kids. Once we were back at my apartment and had all gotten changed, my mother looked at me with disbelief. "I cant believe it.. Not a single one of us burned! This has got to be the best sunscreen I've ever used, that's for sure." "Yeah, I'm shocked you aren't a tomato Trish!" My sister said laughing hysterically. There were many summers that I used sunscreens that said they'd protect, but they never did. I would always return from the pool red as a tomato. Thank goodness that wont ever happen again! "Well I'm certainly impressed. Thanks for sharing hun." My mom said as we all made lunch. I was in love with a new product, and so was my family! I couldnt be happier.