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Corel Painter Official Magazine

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Unlike some of the magazines I purchase regularly, Corel Painter Official Magazine was developed with a specific audience in mind namely those people who have a passion or an interest in the Adobe Corp. (formerly Corel Corporation) software called Corel Painter. That isn't to say that there isn't something inside its covers that will interest other digital software users, but the bulk of tutorials this magazine offers every month are geared towards use with the latest Painter program although they can easily be adapted to other programs such as Photoshop or earlier generations of Painter itself.

Unlike ImagineFX magazine which I've previously reviewed, Corel Painter is one that I pick and choose the issues I will purchase. Not every issue that comes out has held interest for me but then I find I am not as dedicated to my landscape or still life artwork which if I were, would probably change my purchasing habits with this magazine.

Like many of the other Magazines produced by Imagine and Future Publishing from the UK, this magazine carries a $19.95 price tag in most of North America. There are usually a minimum of 6 tutorials housed on the CD that comes with the magazine and it also provides a good selection of brushes, tools and software trials to work with as well. There are contests for artists to enter, expert advice offered on everything from making your artwork 'pop' to discovering the rules of drawing successful still lifes.

The gamat of artwork is varied and it is incredible just how realistic a digital painting can become. For those new to Corel Painter software, beginner tutorials are always a favorite inclusion in every magazine issue which helps new artists get up to speed with the numerous features the program offers.

There are advertisements in the magazine but nothing so overwhelming that you would need to page through a dozen before you found any meaty substance to bite into.

This magazine has only been out for a short time, but currently has 17 issues most of which can still be purchased through the Publisher's site. There are a number of free tutorials and files on the publishers site that can be downloaded for use and this is an excellent way to test drive the quality of the tutorials before purchasing a full magazine issue.

This magazine is great for anyone wishing to master Corel PainterX or who wants to improve upon their digital artwork techniques. If you enjoy creating paintings from your own photos and manipulating them for inclusion in things like digital scrapbooking etc., this magazine will provide you with some great inspiration to do just that or even create your own artwork from scratch in any medium you can dream of.

Check out the publishers site to view the issues already produced and perhaps pick up a tutorial or several as well. http://www.paintermagazine.co.uk/tutorials.php Grabbing a free 30-day trial of Corel PainterX if you don't already have your own purchased copy can be obtained from http://www.corel.com, under the 'Free Trials' section of the site.