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Corkscrew Prevents Purple Spotted Ceiling!

Reviewing: Bradshaw International Bonny Bar Wing Corkscrew  |  Rating:
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You'll notice I've rated myself a three on experience for this review. Before writing this I would have given myself a one but I've learned enough in the past few months to bump myself up a little.

Not being a wine drinker or ever having had the lovely experience of opening a bottle of wine, I found myself making a recipe that called for red wine. We just happened to have a bottle that friends felt we must have had a yearning for so instead of passing it on to someone that would appreciate it I decided to open the bottle and use it in the dish I was making.

Now, being a one on experience means exactly that. No corkscrew or anything else to help me get the cork out, I resorted to using a pair of scissors, very carefully, thinking I could gently push the cork into the bottle and I would be done. No such luck. I now have a purple spotted kitchen ceiling which will have to be repainted. The cupboards, walls, microwave, backsplash and floor were easily wiped down. My t-shirt went in the wash and I waited for hubby to get home to see if he noticed anything different in the d├ęcor.

It took a few trips but he finally stopped dead in his tracks and said "what the ____?" and just stared. I confessed and then he couldn't stop laughing. Well, it wasn't that funny!!

The following weekend I received a little wrapped package "just because". I ripped it open thinking it would be something really wonderful and found this lovely yet practical corkscrew instead with the price tag still on it!!

This corkscrew is 7" long, 2-1/2" wide and when the wings are fully opened it is 9" wide. There is a rubber base which will fit securely on any size wine bottle according to the directions ( I will have to believe this not being an expert). I also should be happy that this corkscrew is made of tempered steel which should last the rest of my lifetime unless I become a regular wine drinker and feel the need for a fancier opener. I can return the corkscrew to Bradshaw International for a free replacement if needed. It is small enough to fit in a kitchen drawers with my other gadgets.

Using this corkscrew is fairly simple even for me!! All I needed to do was place the rubber base over the cork in the wine bottle (make sure to remove the foil wrapper first). Turn the little loop handle at the top which sinks the corkscrew into the cork. The levers/wings will rise and once they are pointed straight up to the side (like an angel wing), you push them down which in turn pulls the cork straight out.....so easy!!!

Having used this wing corkscrew on several occasions I am delighted that my ceiling and the rest of our kitchen has not sustained any further damage. Even if you only need to use this once it is well worth the investment of $4.99 versus a gallon on expensive paint to repaint a ceiling!!