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Cotton, Long Underwear Never Felt So Good

Reviewing: Mossimo Long John Underwear Navy Stripes  |  Rating:
dade By dade on
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Long underwear, who woulda thought. Now, my wife might have gone too far. The last time I wore long underwear was in my past life, trying to get through some mountain pass, with the Donner group one winter.

I am beginning to think someone is trying to domestic me. I am beginning to feel my indignation rise from within. I am ready to....Ya know, this long underwear feel kind of nice.

Mossimo, Long John Underwear, with navy stripes, feels groovy. I have been kicking around the house all evening in a pair and I love it. Even the boys are smiling at me. Just as long as they don't start laughing and spoil my mood.

This long underwear is all cotton and fits just right, without grabbing me in all the wrong places. It has stretchy ribbed cuffs at the legs, just like at the waist band.

It will work. We get some real nasty winters in Michigan. Last year I got the flu so bad, I don't think my wife wants to put up with me getting another bug, this winter. Just as long as no one outside my family knows I have strips on, underneath my blue jeans, then I am ok with this.

Of course, the boys have some stripped, long underwear now too. Now it looks like we all broke out of some Keystone Cops, Jail.

It will take me awhile to break in the stripes factor, but the long underwear really does feel good.

Next week, I think I will have to go out and buy my wife a nice pair of long, stripped underwear for herself, if she doesn't stop laughing soon.