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Count Sheep No Longer, Englander To The Rescue

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angelsfae By angelsfae on
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Everyone needs a good nights sleep. Without it you become this tired cranky pants monster all day long. Without a good nights sleep you would never be able to escape your stress even if it were only for a few hours. Without good sleep your thought process and judgement become impaired and it's difficult to complete simple everyday tasks. Not to mention all the back, neck and hip problems you'd end up having. Thats why I LOVE my Englander bed.

Englander is not a real well known name like Simmons or Tempurpedic. Thats because they don't do any commercial advertisement. Per the sales man at Mattress Barn, they relay on their customers to get their name out there as a reference. We walked into a Mattress Barn one day and found ourselves not being able to get out of the Englander. It was just so comfortable and form fitting to our bodys I felt like I was laying down on a cloud. We went and tried the other "top of the line" quality mattresses by different companies and found it so stiff and uncomfortable compared to the Englander. We didn't like the Tempurpedic because it just seemed so hard and then once it started fitting to our bodies I felt like I was sinking. The other regular mattresses were so stiff and cold feeling. The Englander had the memory foam like the Tempurpedic but it had a durable mattress on the bottom. We purchased the Englander mattress with the five and a half inch visco memory foam pillow top built into a very durable mattress. What I like about this mattress is that is has the ease of the memory foam but yet the support of a regular mattress. It relieves pressure points so you sleep sound throughout the night and has the support for your shoulders hips and knees.

It's a great product and they have several other models of beds for purchase that cater to everyone's personal needs. I wish I could remember the warranty on it. I believe it was 15 or 20 year warranty on the mattress which is much longer than the other mattresses that we looked at. For one that has had back problems my whole life, I haven't had an issue in the last 3 years that we have owned the mattress. I have not had to go to the doctor and everytime my back hurts from work, when I wake up the next morning, the pain is gone. The mattress is a miracle and I love it.