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Counter Strike Anthology 1

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winman By winman on
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Counter-Strike 1 Anthology.

Comes with 4 great classic games, Counter Strike 1.6, Day Of Defeat (a world war 2 game), Ricochet(Kinda like tron), and Counter Strike Condition Zero.

Counter Strike- Is a game where you play as either Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist. There are 3 different standard game modes. These include a Hostage map (CT have to rescue the hostages before time limit, or kill the Terrorist.) Bomb maps (Terrorist have to plant a bomb at bombsite A or B, Then CT's have to defuse it) VIP (One CT Is VIP he has to escape before Terrorist Kill him). (There is a source version of this game out)

Day Of Defeat- Is a world war 2 game. It involves either British/American vs Axis. They play for control of flags on the map first team to capture all flags win. (There is a source version of this game out)

Ricochet- A game like tron, you have 3 disc that you can throw each time you throw one disc vanishes as you throw it, If the disc hit someone there bumped back, Or you can throw all three at once as a power shot. This instantly kills anyone it hits. You hop around maps on little pads with arrows, very colorful.

Counter Strike Condition Zero- This is just an advance graphical game to Counter Strike, It comes with a single player storyline if you buy the single player part. Other than that is just a new version of CS that uses a better game engine.

I give this pack a 10/10 its worth ever cent.

This is all bought threw the Valve Steampowered Network.