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Couples Retreat Movie: A Retreat From Comedy

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By Amanda Rinaldi on
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Couples Retreat

When I sat down to watch the movie "Couples Retreat", I really did not have any high expectations. Surely enough, I was right


"Couples Retreat", directed by Peter Billingsley, is a comedy movie about 4 couples going off to a dreamy tropical island to find ways to "strengthen" the love bonds with their particular spouses. Starring actors like Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, and Jean Renu, I half expected at least some really great genuine laughs. Instead, I was left chuckling half-heartedly at the attempts of natural humor.

As a comedy, "Couples Retreat" really did not strike my funny bone. The humor was border-line child-ish at times, struggling to pull in laughs under awkwardly forced situations.

The acting in itself was not too awful; most of the actors and actresses did display a close depiction of couples with real issues and problems. In fact, at times, the actual inter-couple fights seemed very realistic, especially for those us who have experienced relationship issues. A good number of stereotypical couples are portrayed in this movie, ranging from a couple married with two kids to a couple that have an age difference of almost 20 years.

"Couples Retreat" also highly identifies how important maintaining a relationship is, for better or for worse. In a sense, if you watch this with your loved one, you will gain a better appreciation for him/her. Truthfully, the tips offered in the movie to help achieve long-lasting relationships are pretty useful.

I will also credit this movie for its great cinematography. The actual island set for "Couples Retreat" was teeming with rich colors and beautiful sights, a great key feature for the film.

As a comedy, I would not bank on this movie; however, if you are looking for a film that will help you feel appreciated or appreciation by your loved ones, this is the movie to see!