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Cover Fx Is The Price Worth It?

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As a last resort, I decided to try Cover FX products. Last resort here meaning 30+ years of product hopping to walk out of doors looking human and Cover FX being on the "way more than I would ever spend on cosmetics" level price-wise. I have super sensitive and acne prone skin and have a heck of a time finding a product that not only covers acne and the bluish/blackish areas that acne leaves after the pimple is healed all while not making me look like some kind of medical experiment or creating an oil slick barrier that just increases the frequency of the very issue I'm paying it to hide.

I decided to take a chance on Cover FX, first purchasing the "The Big Cover Up! 3 Step Essentials" and then the "Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation SPF 30" and the "Powder FX - Pressed Mineral Powder". I'd like to break the review into those three items because that is how a consumer would find and buy them.

The Big Cover Up- is a great value and lets you get into the brand, learning a bit about the background of the products and arms the consumer with the tools to make the foundations work properly. The set comes with a 1.0 oz Skinprep FX Treatment & Priming Serum, a .12 oz Setting FX Translucent Setting Powder, a #130 Foundation Brush, a #120 Layering Brush and a How-to Instructional DVD.

The Treatment and Priming Serum is really incredible. At first I was a little freaked out by how thick it was and how I could just imagine it clogging my pores on impact. My experience with it was quite the opposite however- once smoothed on the skin it creates a wonderful make up primer while softening and healing skin imperfections... imagine the same consistency and healing properties of vitamin E oil without the tacky drying or stickiness. This product is a real gem and while I don't use it over my whole face, it does make an awesome spot treatment/primer where I do need it. It also lasts forever, so don't let the price scare you f you are considering buying just this one product. The bottle is huge and the pump keeps you from wasting it.

The other "makeup" item in this kit is the Setting FX Translucent Setting Powder. Really, I give this product a "meh" on the enthusiasm scale. I think that if you are using the Cream version of their foundation you probably need it, but Mineral Veil by Bare Essentials is cheaper and I think more versatile. It is nice and light and I do use it, but I really couldn't say I would run right out and replace it when I use it up.

The set also comes with two brushes and a DVD. Honestly, the DVD is garbage unless you have rosacea or plan to use on the Cream foundation and have an IQ low enough to require tech support opening the packaging. And I say that in the kindest possible sense ;) The DVD is amazingly bland and does not cover any "how to tips" on acne or using the powder foundation. I really would like the 30 minutes of my life back that I spent watching it. The brushes are wonderful, though and if you are tired of really low quality brushes that typically come with these kinds of sets you will be pleasantly surprised.

So with the Big Cover Up set, I also purchased The Powder FX - Pressed Mineral Powder Took me three tries to get the color right, and if you are used to "light, light medium, and medium" being your only color choices this will completely blow your mind. With 4 different "skin types" to choose from and 6- 10 shades per skin type you really get a perfect match. I would suggest going into Sephora or Nordstrom to pick you color in person rather than shipping them back and forth like I did from the online distributers. The color is SOOOOO important because the coverage is incredibly complete. Walk outdoors with the wrong shade and you can really see it. My favorite thing about the powder foundation is that one dab of powder and even the reddest spot is hidden. No more going over and going over until you have basically built a new face for yourself- Cover FX powder really conceals and never feels cakey or creates the "grandma powder skin" look.

So why did I buy the cream foundation if I love the powder so much? I don't think I could ever use the cream foundation all over like they do in the video, but it makes an AWESOME spot concealer. If I prep with the serum, spot conceal with the cream foundation and then finish up and do an all over dusting of the powder foundation I have achieved perfection that lasts 10+ hours! Sometimes I carry the powder foundation of the setting foundation with me to cut down oil during the day, but it is rarely needed.

My only "ho-hums" with this product line after testing the above products are: the DVD was lame, the setting powder wasn't all they make it out to be and (something I didn't mention earlier) the compacts for the foundation are exceptionally cheesy for the price of the product. They are that 1980's silver looking plastic you would equate with drugstore $5 make up brands... this product really deserves proper presentation.

Two tips: 1. If you are buying online go to Nordstrom.com for their color chart, it is more comprehensive than the one on Sephora. 2. If you are still deciding on the brand get the powder foundation first. You don't need any of the other product to have it work and feel great.

Thanks! WP