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Cover Girl Lip Slicks: A Great Lip Gloss

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Jill Viers By Jill Viers on
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I like buying and trying out beauty products, but I tend to avoid regular lipsticks. I'm just not a fan of the texture or taste. I like lip glosses, but sometimes, the prettiest shades can be the ones to dry out my lips the most...and then I need some kind of Chap Stick.

Recently, I was at a Walmart and decided to go look for a lip product that would keep my lips soft. I assumed it would be a plain lip balm without any color, but that's when I saw the CoverGirl LipSlicks product on the shelf. I was first drawn to a light purplish shade, called Precious. I started to read the product label. It said it would keep my lips soft and provide color. I figured that would be too good to be true (like it usually is). That is, until I tried out the product.

My lips had been especially dry, so it was a great time to try out the CoverGirl LipSlicks. I put some on and checked it out in the mirror. I immediately liked the color, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much color there was. Usually, I find that lip glosses give just a hint of color. CoverGirl LipSlicks' color is actually quite vibrant.

Even though I liked the color and texture, the product still had to pass my real test. It needed to stay put throughout an entire morning at work and had to keep my lips soft and moist. If my lips were dried out at the end of this test, I was going to toss the product immediately.

Fortunately, CoverGirl LipSlicks passed my test! The color seemed to last even as I drank my morning coffee. I only needed to re-apply once throughout the day. And it definitely made my lips soft and moist, much more so than they were when I started.

I love this product. It's probably my favorite lip gloss ever! I bought an additional shade, Hipster, which is a darker red. I like it just as much as the Precious shade. I highly recommend this product if you like the lightweight feel of lip gloss that makes your lips soft and adds a splash of color.