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Crackdown: Xbox 360

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By bartrholomew on
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Crackdown is a Grand Theft Auto clone, essentially. However, it's a fantastic Grand Theft Auto clone! Basically, you are a genetically engineered supercop in a city infested with Crime. Police Brutality isn't just encouraged, it's nessecary. It's up to your superpowered law enforcer to kick the rear end of crime through any means nessecary. At first, you have the abilities of several times the average joe. Eventually, through doing things, you'll get better. You'll go from being able to punch out an enemy with a few blows to kicking them like a soccer ball through entire city blocks. The graphics are an odd, slightly cell shaded look but it works, even more oddly. It just fits itself perfectly. Now, the game itself doesn't have much content wise, but it's true redeeming factor is the Cooperative play. Over Xbox Live, your friend could see you playing, send you an invite and jump right in with you! Then, you and your friend can do anything in the city. You could work together to fight crime, or you could just hurl explosives and dump trucks at each other until you 're laughing too hard to continue breathing. Seriously, if you have a friend to play crackdown with, buy it immediately. It's that good.