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Craftsman 19.2 Volt Cordless Drill Driver

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derwood By derwood on
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I received this drill a couple of years ago as a birthday gift. It was actually included as part of a set, which also included a circular trim saw, a fluorescent work light, a reciprocating saw, a battery charger, and a couple of 19.2 volt batteries. Prior to receiving this drill, I had been using a Black & Decker 12 volt cordless drill/driver which served me well for several years. This drill, though, easily out classes my old Black & Decker in just about every way possible.

The Craftsman 19.2 Volt Drill/Driver offers two speed settings in both forward and reverse, and allows you to select from one of 24 separate torque settings to custom tailor the drill's performance to the task at hand. The motor is very strong and provides for some very impressive torque, and the body of the drill contains a bubble level on both the top and back of the drill so that you can ensure that everything is lined up properly before drilling. While it is a litle larger and heaver than the old drill I had been using, I find that it fits comfortably in my hand, and the extra weight does not cause me any problems.

I've used this tool several times to drill holes in a variety of materials, and to insert and remove screws and bolts. Most recently though, when we were mounting our new microwave/range hood on our kitchen wall, I truly appreciated what this drill could offer. I started the project with my old Black & Decker drill, only because it was the easiest one to grab on my work bench. I used the B&D to remove the mounting bracket for our old microwave, and also to begin to put up the new mounting plate. Part way through the installation of the new mounting plate, I had to drive a couple of screws through some studs in the wall. The Black & Decker was able to start the job, but it didn't have enough power to finish it. I then went and retrieved the Craftsman drill/driver from it's case. I knew that I hadn't used it for several months before this, and that the batteries would most likely be dead or very low, but I gave it a try anyway. I pulled the trigger on this drill expecting that it would bog down like my old Black & Decker. Boy was I wrong! Even on a partially dead battery, this drill had more than enough power to easily drive those screws into the studs, and to finish up the rest of the job.

Even though I didn't purchase this drill myself, I'm very happy to own it. Thus far I've been very impressed with it, and I've decided from now on that this will be the first drill I'll reach for whenever I need one.