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Cranium Cranium Review

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This game comes with a pencil, paper, coloured dice blocks, jumping frogs, an hour glass sand timer, clay, two marker pieces, board game and four boxes with sets of different cards.

This is a fun game. When our family plays we always have a laugh. It is for ages Ages 8+. With this game you need four players or more.

With this game you get to enjoy some family activities. As you get the cards you and your team are given challenges. The cards consist of:

Creative cat: Meaning, Guessing what it is. Example. Pick a team mate to guess the subject that you half to make with the Cranium clay.

Star Performance: Meaning, Act of the subject: Example. You hum to a tune and your team has to guess the tune. Or you get the cards where you use the frogs to do stunts, like use one frog to jump over the rest.

Word Worm: Meaning, A challenge with words for you or your team. Example: Spell the given word on the card backwards one letter at a time with your team taking turns for each of the letters.

Data Head: Meaning, Is the memory cards. Depending on the card this challenge would be sole or with your team. Example. Your card may show a dice block pattern and you memorize it then place it away and try to do the same pattern with the dice blocks. But you are timed on the timer.

You are timed on the challenges. And these are just examples of the challenges. There are many more but the same idea.

This is a great way to get the family communication going. Our teenager even likes getting in on this game. The team to get to the end first wins. It truly is family fun.