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Cranium Hullabaloo, Super Fun Game For All!

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Cranium Hullabaloo, super fun game for all!

I knew nothing of this game until about 3 weeks ago. I had heard good things about the Cranium games, but we didn’t own any. My family loves games, we love to play, especially games we can play as a family, which can sometimes be challenging with a 4yr old and a 7 yr old. We own many games and are always on the look-out for new ones. My daughter & I attended a birthday party and this game was brought out to the excited screams of the other girls. Well, I was intrigued by the excitement, and in 1 minute into the game, I knew we, as a family, were getting this game IMMEDIATLEY!

The basics> it comes with 16 “pads” and the caller machine. The pads, basically spots, that you scatter, all spread out, over the floor. The caller machine is basically that, it tells you what to do. Think of this game as a combination of Twister, Simon Says, and Musical chairs all in one! Hard to imagine, maybe, but this is one fun game! I waited very excited for Christmas morning, a whole 10 days after the party, and gifted this game to my family. We had a ball! Everyone from Grammy to my 4 yr old loved it! It tells you to move from pad to pad buy saying things like “move to a yellow pad”, “crawl to a food”, hop to an animal pad, and pretend to be that animal”. All sorts of fun, silly things. This continues until the caller says “Stay on that spot> is anyone on the ---, if so, you are the winner!” and then, the winner has to do something like a silly dance or take a bow> whatever the caller says. Then, the machine starts a new game. The machine does have a volume control, but ofetn for us, we had to have human caller repeat LOUDLY the action> mainly because we were being so loud and silly ourselves!

I enjoy the silliness of the game, as well as the winner is picked by randomness> everyone waits to see if their pad is called with excitement. Also, the winner then “performs” for the rest of the players, almost always making them laugh, so there are few times of sadness due to loss, and before you know it, a new game has started. People are expected to share spots with each other, and you have a silly and active time! As a mom with two kids, I love that we all play, have fun, and move around a bit! It’s easy to play and pull out/clean up! You can even play alone it you want! AA Batteries are needed for the caller machine. I picked up this game at Target for about $20, and it was definitely worth it!