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Cranium Pop 5

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By adadsview on
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This cranium game is for ages 10 and up.

This has the same basic idea as the other Cranium games but the answers will all be about things in pop culture. It's a great game for those who feel stupid when they play trivia pursuit. You get to chose the point value of each activity for the guessing. This helps keep people from doing the charades everytime. You get the number of tokens assigned to the activity for each correct guess. The first player or team to fill up their cup with tokens wins the game.

Are you the type of person who knows things like what year Madonna's first number one was? Do you know who was dating Julia Roberts when she won her Oscar? Do you know the song that Gavin Rossdale named his child after? The information you pick up just living in our world obsessed with entertainment is what this game is about. It's a great game for someone who feels their head is filled with useless knowledge that never helped them in school. That typed of person will do great at this game.

I think saying this game is for ages 10 and up will disappoint some people. A lot of this stuff happened way before a 10 year old was born. If you have a family that is into pop culture then this will be a fun game to play.