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Cranium:Wow You're Good!

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princessmichelle77 By princessmichelle77 on
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Let me start out by saying I love all things board games! I think they are such a fun way to spend time with family and friends. I have always thought the Cranium games looked like a hillariously good time but they were a little pricey so I hadn't made the purchase yet. When my fiance and I were doing our wedding registry we decided to register for the newest addition to the Cranium family, WOW! You're Good. Imagine our surpise and delight when we received it as an early gift! We couldn't wait to play it. When we did we had a BLAST, this is truly the most fun I've ever had with a board game. It had everyone laughing and it really does get your creative juices flowing as well.

So now let me tell you about how the game is played. It's for 4 or more players and is really meant to be played in teams, you can play with individuals if you get creative (we did this one day, just as fun). It comes with 4 playing pieces that are super cute little characters and it also comes with hats and hair pieces you can interchange on them to give them your own personal style. There are 600 activity cards in 4 different categories. It also comes with a timer, pencils and notepads, a 10 sided die and cranium clay. The game is intended for adults but it's not because the questions or activities are obscene in any way it's only because children would probably have great difficulty with some of the activities. I would say that 13 and up could probably play without too much trouble.

The catergories are Word Worm, Creative Cat, Data Head and Star Performer. An example of a Word Worm card would be something like take turns spelling the word Spandex backwards. For Creative Cat you may have to draw a Grandfather Clock with your eyes closed and your team has to guess what it is or you might have to sculpt a masterpiece out of clay. A Data Head question is typically some form of trivia and Star Performer is the one that will have you coming out of your shell! With this card you might have to act like a famous person, hum a tune or play charades! I really can't stress just how much fun this game is.

The reason it only gets a 3 in the upgrades catagory is because right now the only extra things available for it are 8 additional game pieces (the characters I described earlier). Cranium has expansion packs for some of their other games so I'm sure that this one will have them too eventually but it is still fairly new.

I would totally recommend this game to everyone, especially if you are shy because this will really help you get over it!