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Crayola Color Wonder Paint Set

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dealhippo By dealhippo on
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I purchased the Crayola Color Wonder paints and paper for my daughter because she loves to finger paint, but always makes a mess with it. These paints are basically clear and fell like petroleum jelly. The container looks like a watercolor container, and the colors are indicated with labels. Since they are clear, they do not stain clothing or surfaces, which is feature I like. The colors only show up on special Crayola Color Wonder paper, which is sold either with the paints or can be purchased seperately. The paper looks like regular white paper, except that it is imprinted with a Crayola watermark. When the paints are put on the paper, the color takes about 10 seconds before it starts to show up well, making it difficult to tell what area has already been painted. The paints themselves are greasy and are hard to get off your hands after you are done painting. Warm water and lots of soap usually does the trick, but my hands usually feel greasy for a while even after washing well. The paint takes a while to dry, depending on how thick it has been put on the paper. Thick paint may never dry. The paints don't seem to last very long. We've used our set maybe 4 times now and they are almost gone. I'd pass on these next time, and just get washable fingerpaints instead!