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Create Your Own Book

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Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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When my daughter had their "Book Fair" at school, she keeps on pushing me to give her money because she wants to buy set of books. I looked on her list and I don't find it very useful to her. What I did was I accompanied her on the last day of the said book fair so we can pick the best among the available items which she really will make use of or read. I saw this art set from Klutz.com and I checked on the content. Inside a plastic slide lock are bits and pieces of materials, glue, marker, backdrops and notebook. I wonder how it works so I asked the sales lady and she told me about the art set. Knowing my daughter who is very passionate in drawing I thought she will like it. I called her up and show it. I'm right because she loves the art set and she was very excited then to make her own book. This art set is made for kids to make their own book using the different materials available. They can make a theme or a story and from there create their personalize book. Or, kids can just create objects out of their wild imagination and compile it in the notebook.

What I like best in this kind of art set is that it makes kids to be patient, persevere and enhance their imagination and that after a bit of hard work they will be happy with their work.