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Creating Wealth Audio Book

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lexxia By lexxia on
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This audio book by Robert G. Allen had a lot of good information and I did learn a few ways to think differently about my money. This author who also wrote Nothing Down and was one of the pioneering Real Estate gurus on the block, uses a lot of examples from his breadth of knowledge in this area to drive home certain financial points to the listener but it isn't just about buying real estate - this book offers information on the financial area of our lives in a general term as well and the real estate buying aspect for those who are interested in using that vehicle to make money, is not really as meaty in this book. His Nothing down book is much better for learning the ins and outs of buying real estate as an investment.

Early on in the book he talks about the beliefs we have about money and he puts a different slant on things by explaining the falsehoods that are involved and how there is a grain in truth in each one - just enough to make some people believe them. For example, the train of thought that anyone who works for someone else can get rich - he tells us that yes, in some cases this can happen, however it is not likely to happen too often and the odds that our working for someone else will benefit us as much as it will the person who owns the company? Not likely.

This particular audio book is read by the author and he does a pretty good job. He's easy to listen to and he offers us some very good information concerning things like taxes, investments, leveraging, multiple holding incomes etc., and he goes through some steps to help us understand why sometimes it isn't a good idea to put all our eggs in a dozen baskets.

This is a very short audio book by some standards, comprised of only 4 CD's but it is packed with all kinds of info on each CD and surprisingly, it takes awhile to get through each one.

If you are wondering how to shape up your portfolio or how to go about getting your money to grow - this might be the book that will help you get there.

I enjoyed it and although I wasn't really looking for an indepth analysis I got one that was pretty good overall.