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Creative Speakers I Trigue 3220

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I find these are the ideal "average Joe" speakers, but better!

First off, they don't need ANYTHING special to use them! They plug into a regular wall outlet for power, and get sound from anything with a standard headphone jack.

The wired remote is nice! You can turn the system on/off from there. With it, you can also adjust the volume (scale of 0 to 10) and the same with the bass. There is a green light on top, to let you know the system is on. I've found the remote is VERY durable. I've yanked on it on accident, dropped it over and over again, even stepped on it a few times, but not a scratch!

The two speakers each have a regular sized speaker, a tweeter for those high notes. I have them set up on the windowsill above my bed, one on either side. The wires from the woofer to them are just the right length. They come with surprisingly sturdy stands, and you can mount them on a wall if you'd like. They sound very nice, great high notes, and the midrange is amazing!

I have the subwoofer located under my bed. All the wires go into, or come from the woofer. Power and sound input goes into it, and remote and right/left speakers come out from it. Even from under my bed, it sounds like a beast! At mild volume and half bass, I can feel the bed shaking.

I simply love the ability to plug it into anything at all. Computer, laptop, mp3 players, CD players, iPod, cell phones with headphone jack.

It was normally $50 at Fry's and I got it for $30 after rebate. I would have paid more than the original price for this system. I plan on being a Creative customer for a long time to come, every product I've had from them, including this one, has met and exceeded my expetations by far! They offer great products with amazing craftsmanship, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I like to see them as offering superior products to the average Joe for average Joe prices!

Update On Apr 08, 2008: Well, I've had these speakers for a little over 2 years now.

I must say I'm astonished at the life of these! During the day, I have them loud, just enough to clear my head. I'll really crank them up when friends are over or I'm in a pissy mood. During the night, I plug my iPod, or laptop in and leave them on low the entire night. I have to turn the bass down to 3-4 to keep it from waking me.

Either way, they still sound as crisp as the day I pulled them from the box! I haven't noticed a single sign of wear on ANYTHING of these, wires, speakers, sounds quality, woofer, ect.

Tey are in immaculate condition!!!

Update On Jul 24, 2008: Well, come to think of it, by now I've had the speakers at least 3 years! I didn't even realize it had been that long!

I just got a new desk and like how I could unplug everything to move it all in and run the wires. The subwoffer is on the bottom shelf with the door closed but is plenty able to be heard.

I haven't had a single problem with these speakers, EVER. They were well worth the $30 I spent, and I would have paid $50 for them anyways! And as of now, they are probably dirt cheap with newer models out.