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Creative Zen V... An Interesting Mp3 Player

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By iamgood on
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Ok, I got this creative zen mp3 player for my birthday and since it was my first one, I was actually pretty happy with it. I got a few songs, put it on, and started listening to the music. First when I started using this, I thought of it as a great device, but after a while when I was getting more songs, it became harder and harder to manage. At first when I only have about 30 songs, I could scroll through the list and everything would be fine, but as a got into the hundreds of songs, I felt as if the design and interface needed to change. I could not find a way for the mp3 player to go to the music I wanted fast enough. The creative zen was not at all easy to use if possible. To help me guide my way through the music, I needed to organize them into playlists and this was really time-consuming. I do not think I have come across an mp3 with this bad of an interface.

I was actually thinking of buying a new mp3 player because of its bad interface, but too bad I couldn't really give this to my friend or anything to use because it just broke down and started to show a message. I tried repeatedly to press the reset button, but nothing worked and in the end, after 1 month of usage, the Creative Zen V was gone. This was a really horrible horrible life of an mp3 player. I was probably really dumb because I couldn't find my receipt so I couldn't return it, but any mp3 player that goes through this much of a lifespan and dies really deserves to be upgraded. (I finally got a better ipod. The one and only... ipod touch.)

Not to pick on the audio quality of this device. I have to say that this wasn't so bad that I couldn't hear it, but it could really get better sound quality. Some parts were a bit muffled but all in all, it was on the average sound quality list. The earbuds that I recieved when buying this might have had something to do with the sound quality, but I don't really know. Overall though, it was pretty good.