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Creative Zen Vision M 30 Gb

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Tonya Carlson By Tonya Carlson on
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Hello Fellow reviewers I want to tell you about my Creative Zen Vision M 30GB mp3 player. Three simple words I Love It!

I am a huge music fan of all kinds of music and this is my first mp3 player. I have had this player since December 2006 so almost a year and it goes everywhere with me. Now the features are great it holds up to 15, 000 songs which I am not sure I will every completly fill. Right now I am using Napster to fill it, I know that it is compatibly with Rahaspody and other pay by the month sites. But it is also compatibly with pay-per-download sites however; it does not work with I-tunes and when I have tried to copy a song that was downloaded into I-tunes it would not be in the right format and it is a pain to change formats. It also does videos which i have yet to firgure out just when Ithink that I have it downloaded and try to move it my player it doesn't do it and for the life of me I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I also, did not purchase the extra warranty within the first 90 days of owning this so I can get know technnical support unless i pay $12.99 for a 30 minute session. This is a bummer because I am just going to have to pay to get this video thing figured out.

Another issue I have had with it is just out of the blue one day my player would only play songs that I had downloaded from a cd. So I did some research and found out this is common. I found out that I had to reformat it and when I did that I lost everything that was on my player at the time it was over 300 songs and a few videos that we did manage to get on it. This sucked because it took me a couple of days to get back what I had lost plus 3 audio books that I had downloaded.

It has an fm radio but I do not use this feature at all! Why brother if you have your own music on it with your own playlist. The playlist are very easy to get done with the program that comes with your player. A really col thing that I like is that you can do a slideshow of your pictures to music. Now I think that is cool because I can put a slide show of kids on it to show friends and family. It has a calendar on it but I have not used this feature however; I am not sure that I would because I tend to use my pocket calendar I have, I guess it would just take some training. It is compatible with audio books and it you need to book mark them you can do that as well on this.

The unit comes with everything toget you started and the adapter to plug it into your tv and vie videos and pictures I can't wait to try this.

Over all I give theis player 5 thumbs up! This is a great player for the money and I highly recommend it.