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Creative Zen Vision: M Media Player

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I received the pink Creative Zen Vision: M for Christmas last year. Previously, I had never owned a media player, just a 512mb mp3 player (also Creative brand). The person who gifted me with the Vision: M decided that these are better than Zunes and iPod Videos. I have never used an iPod Video, but I can say for sure that the Vision: M is better than a Zune at least.

We'll start off with the color display. The colors are extremely vibrant! I have a ton of TV shows and movies on my player, and they look better on here than they do on some televisions. If you have ever seen the show Footballers' Wives, you know that there are a lot of bright and flashy colors in it; they look absolutely perfect on this media player.

The size of the display screen is good. It is 2.5 inches, but actually looks bigger when you're watching it. Like I said, I watch a lot of stuff on it and have never had a problem with viewing.

The sound is good, though I recommend that you use different earbuds than the ones that it comes with. They are mediocre, but if you are listening to a lot of music with deep bass or female voices, then I suggest getting some more top of the line ones. The ones that came with my player were white, which match very nicely.

Now, I have two slight complaints about the Vision: M. First of all, the battery life is not that great. Even when I am not using it very often, I find myself having to recharge it at least once or twice a week. This can be a big pain, especially when I'm away from home. Because of this, I recommend investing in a wall charger. (This only comes with the charger that you plug into the USB outlet in your computer.) You can generally find cheap wall chargers on eBay, and they are definitely worth it--especially if you do a lot of traveling or if you aren't going to be near a computer for awhile.

The other complaint is the types of files that it takes. Usually, if the file you are trying to upload onto it is not compatible with the player, it will convert it. However, there are some files (WMV, WMA, MP4, some video files) that it simply will not work with. This is annoying if you have a lot of uploaded CDs on your computer in the WMV format. You will have to invest in your own converter.

Overall, I give the Creative Zen Vision: M a 4.5 out of 5.