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Creative Zen Vision W Mp3 Player

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By bree on
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I was interested in buying a new MP3 player that could hold a good amount of mp3s. Prior to buying the Zen Vision W by Creative, I owned an Ipod Nano (which doesn't hold enough music for my taste) and another Creative Mp3 player, the Creative Nomad Zen. I have never been a fan of the ipod or itunes, so I disliked the nano.. and the creative nomad was bulky with a green backlit screen. SO, I did some internet browsing and came across Creative's Zen Vision W. I was immediately interested. It holds 30 GB of music, videos, and pictures. It's basically like an mp3 player plus a mini portable dvd player and photo album. The one thing that struck me about this player is it's giant colorful screen! The screen is bigger than what Ipod offers on any of their players. So, I went to circuit city and bought one! To my satisfaction, it was everything I had hoped for. It has a beautfully clear screen and a smooth and easy software. It's simple to navigate and isn't full of nonesence and unnecessary things. It's very sleek looking and modern, but it is on the rather large side for an mp3 player. It's definitely too big to slide into your pocket, but if you're looking for an mp3 player that you can also watch movies on, this is definitely one to consider. It is big, but not too heavy! unfortunately it doesn't stay charged as long as expected. It claims to stay battery powered for about 13 hours, but I've found it will only stay charged for around 8 or 9. It also has an FM radio, recorder, and calendar on it. If you don't want to listen to it with headphones, you don't have to! It has a speaker on it so you can listen to it with no need for an external speaker source. I am very pleased with this device, but my only downfall is that I wish It was a little bit thinner.