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Credit Card Blues

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Chris Kong By Chris Kong on
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I was offered to sign up for a credit card and since Citibank is worldwide I signed in for it with 2 years membership waived and they gave me a credit limit of RM 15 000. I seldom used this card because there is no Citibak in my city and making payment is very troublesome. I need to go to another bank to make a bank transfer .

May this year I needed to make online air tickets purchase totalling RM 5000+. My other credit card (that I usually use ) credit limit is not enough for the purchase hence I have no chopice but to use Citibank Credit card. When the statement came, to my horror, they charged me an extra charge of RM 36.58 as charges of Credit sheild plus which I never take up with them. I rang them and emailed them to tell them that I am not going to pay that extra amount. After much effort on my part, Citibank agrees to waive that extra amount and I paid up all what I owed them. I thought that everything is okay by then.

No, it was not okay because when the following month statement came, it said I still owed them RM 0.26 as financial charges!!.What the heck!!!If I pay them, the bank charges will be more than that RM0.26!!Moreover this is my spare card and I rarely use it for purchasing things. Hence I ring them up again from my city to Kuala Lumpur which is considered as national call. After much explanation, they decided to waived off that RM 0.26 - financial charges.

Finally this month the new statement says I have a credit of RM 0.01. When the free membership expires next month I am going to return back the credit card to Citibank and will never ever apply another card again!!