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Credit Card Payments Made Easy

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From where I am, there are international and national banks offering us credit cards. However, nothing still beats the convenience having a credit card from a bank with a local branch because it is convenient to do business.

Take for instance the paying of bills. I have an international card that I pay with Metrobank and I have to fill out a payment slip, go to the bank, endure the queue, and pay my bill. But with my Metrobank Visa and Master card, I get to pay both of them online through the Metrobank ATM. No more cash needed. No more envelopes or forms to fill up. I load up my card, punch in my PIN, punch some instructions, and my payment is immediately (as in realtime) debited from my bank account. NO need to withdraw money and pay my bills.

It is really very safe to be able to do this. Aside from credit card bills of their bank, they also accept the payments of some other credit card companies as well as utilities like internet, cable, water, and electricity. This system is really very convenient as there is no need to go to these different offices, queue and then pay. Such a waste of resources. Although this does not really apply to me as I am not the one paying our utility bills, I am sure that many people find these features very useful.

There is one teeny weeny downside to this though and that is if you pay online, all your bills have to be current. If you are delayed in payments for your utilities, you will still have to go to the branches and make your payments. To solve this, you have to pay your bills on time. And that is not the problem of the Metrobank Online Bills Payment system anymore.