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Credit One Is Awful, Don't Do It!!!

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Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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We have alot of debt, and was using three credit cards. I wanted to get the amount I paid every month down, so we could quit using the cards so much. Credit One sent us information through the mail. They sound like capital one (and I have heard alot of good things about them). So in my mind, I think this is a great opportunity. It sounded wonderful on paper too. So we gave our information to them and they told me the amount I would pay every month and for how long. It sounded good. I knew it was going to be 12%, but they were doing the math over the phone. I had everything in order. Then they called me back and it all changed, but the man on the phone sugar coded it. His math was wrong the first time, by alot. Stupid me! I didn't think about the changes and went through with the orginal plan. The first bill, was crazy. We paid about a $1, 000 just for transfering the money. Every month, we were paying right at $350 in interest. Just the interest every month, would have paid for another car, good on gas. I finally worked it back the way it was, with lower interest rates on two cards, instead of three. But I figured it up, and for a $30, 000 loan for 8 monthes, I paid right a $3, 200 in interest and fees. And that was with paying $200 more than what I was suppose to. I put my experience level high, because after $3, 200, spent for nothing, you get very experienced. Now, I am more in debt than I was before. That should be a tax write off, because I was just giving out free money. I'll say it again, I'm stupid, theres no denying it. But everyone else can learn from my mistake. Just Don't Do It!!!