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Creed: 'Human Clay'

Reviewing: Wind Up Entertainment 1999  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Creed is a band that I have enjoyed over the last ten years, and beyond. ‘Human Clay' was a 1999 release (Wind-Up Entertainment, Inc). ‘Are You ready', was a really ambitious swing at the top for these young brilliant players. Scott Stapp does vocals, Brian Marshal is bass, Scott Phillips rips the drums, and Mark Tremonti does guitar and vocals. This first song is a pleasant opening track for a great CD.

‘What If', was a strong lick done with a masterful touch of guitar and cursory drum beat that takes Scotts voice to unlimited heights. This master of vocals can strike better than most in this era of young crazed party mechanics. I loved Creed (And still do).

A slower tune is played in the next title, ‘Beautiful'. At times it sounds similar to Metallica, with a deeper voice bent on expressing the maximum excitement. This guy rocks with his vocals.

The next four songs are all quality rock titles by this (then) young aggressive group. ‘Say I', ‘Wrong Way', ‘Faceless Man', and ‘Never Die' are all great songs by this group that I will always love. There is not a single song here that is not superb. ‘Say I' holds the lyrics of the ‘Human Clay' message.

‘With Arms Wide Open' is the song that makes tears fall from my eyes. My Grandfather died a few years ago, and when I hear this, I think of him. In the message of this song: New life. When he died, in my heart, I realized that he was just being born, into the arms of God. This song seems to be taken by many from different universal opinions. Every time I hear this, I can see the gates of Heaven, and my Grandfather standing there, with his arms wide open, welcoming me to Gods kingdom. I can't see a better man that ever lived, who I would want to see first. The song is about Scott's newborn son.

‘Higher' is how I feel after listening to that last, eternal favorite of mine. I am a very sensitive guy when I hear those songs that remind me of smell, and that give me memories. Some musicians have the ability to capture moments in time, and seasons of the year. Maybe it is just I, and the music just gets me thinking. I think this was another awesome Creed title.

‘Wash Away Those Years' is a darker song on the violation of innocence. This is one of Scott's masterpieces. This song is slow, and the mix is a stand out for what this band can accomplish. This is already going on 9 years old, and drifting slowly into the past. This is excellent.

The final piece of art to play on this collectors item is ‘Inside Us All'. It is an awesome portrait of the peace that is within every human soul. This is a great piece from this band that through the years, eventually, stopped making music together. Though Scott Stapp is still doing his own thing, I will forever miss the heights of their glory days together. This is a historical recording worth placing in your music collection. Peace to all my friends and don't party too hard in your old age. Well, maybe that's ok!