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Creepy Soundtracks For The Imagination

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I'm very slowly planning my Halloween wedding. I've got ideas for the cake, the flowers, I picked out a great site, and have a general idea on potential wardrobe items and accessories... what was missing? The music.

I certainly don't want the usual chains, screams and howling that you typically find on a "Halloween Sounds" CD, nor do I want a bunch of silly tunes like "Monster Mash" to wreck the mood. Doing research into Halloween themes and ideas I found the band "Midnight Syndicate" and they call their music genre "soundtracks for the imagination".

Midnight Syndicate is two guys, Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka, that create basically horror backdrop music... beautifully crafted orchestral and emotional yet just plain creepy. Perfect for haunted houses, video games, movie soundtracks, and in this case weddings!

I ordered this particular CD from iTunes, you get 24 tracks for $9.99, and even though most tracks are fairly short, I'll just loop the playlist and have plenty of music for the guests gathering and settling into the ceremony.

If you are a Halloween person and really get into the holiday, I would highly recommend downloading this CD as a trick-or-treater or party backdrop, it sets the perfect mood without calling too much attention to itself or getting annoying after a few repeats....

CD info:

Midnight Syndicate

Out of the Darkness

Retrospective 1994 - 1999

Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

1. Realm of Shadows

2. Darkness Descends

3. Born of the Night

4. Return of the Apparition

5. Legions of the Dead

6. Eye of the Storm

7. Solemn Reflections

8. Nightstalker

9. Noctem Aeternus

10. Haunted Nursery

11. Sanctuary

12. Into the Abyss

13. The Night Beckons

14. Masque of Sorrow

15. Forbidden Crypts

16. Theme to "The Dead Matter" - ("Vampire's Kiss")

17. Darkfolk - ("Shadows")

18. Soliloquy

19. Beyond the Gates

20. Eclipse

21. Scenes from "The Dead Matter"

22. Prisoner of Time

23. Theme to "Journey Into Dementia"

24. Druids