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Creme Anglaise,A Lush Ious Hand And Body Treat

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Lush Creme Anglaise Lotion 15g

Several weeks ago, if anyone had told me that I would be a lover of Lush products I would have shrugged, laughed and moved on. I’m not a big fan of trendy stores but I do happen to be a big fan of my children and when one of them expressed an interest in checking out the local Lush store, I tagged along, more as the protector against over spending than anything else.

Lush stores, if you aren’t familiar with them, are brimming with bath and body products that draw you in, nose first. In every corner of the store are strategically placed products, all with amazing colors, scents and really great packaging to entice the eye, the senses and of course, your curiosity. On tables around the store, you will find bowls of water, containers open, inviting you to touch, smooth on, and sniff product after product. From amazing bath bombs, soaps, lip balms and perfumes, to shampoos, bath oils, and foot creams, there is plenty to touch, sniff, and try. When the helpful and knowledgeable staff offer to demonstrate how bath bombs, soap, or other products that mix with water react, you have to turn on the willpower in order to stop yourself from yelling, “I’ll take all the products!”

The Crème Anglaise hand and body lotion is one of those perfect, satisfying purchases that you just want to soak up and frankly, it is sumptuous! It is creamy smooth and refreshingly light. Its scent is a mix of fresh, sweet almond, Citrus/Coconut/Vanilla as well as hints of fruit and flowers that waft up to the nose every time I move my hands (which is where I use it the most). The oils used are essential oils that are known to benefit the skin. My husband describes the scent as “baby fresh” and it does have that very delicate yet enticing appeal. It is also very much the color of Crème Anglaise, or what I think a rich, satisfying dessert creme of this name would be.

Although the container that I purchased is only 15g in size, a little of this wonderful cream goes a long way and lasts both in scent and smoothing/moisturizer power. Larger sizes ranging in price from $13.95 to $24.95 are also available.

All of Lush’s creams, facials and other product lines that include perishable ingredients carry an expiration date on the container. The container I have is valid until November 15, 2010. I’m sure I won’t have any problem taking full advantage of my Crème Anglaise daily until finished, though.

Purchasing certain products from Lush also allows you to recycle; by returning certain containers, you receive discounts off other products. For example, my little 15g container will give me 10% off the price of a full-sized product in this particular product line. Other products offer you the chance to get a free item if you return several containers at a time.

I’m quite confident that Lush hand and body creams and lotions are gentle and good for the skin. Even my daughter’s boyfriend who suffers from Eczema quite badly is able to use one of Lush’s cream products. Unlike some of the very pricey creams he has tried over the past few months, the Lush product he used actually helped his skin.

The next time you are near a Lush store, I highly recommend you check out their Crème Anglaise Hand and body lotion. Trust me though; it is probably not the only thing you’ll walk out with.