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Crest Glide Dental Floss

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mustangsally82 By mustangsally82 on
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I am one of those people who never had braces as a kid, and as a result I have the usual irregular gaps between my not-quite-straight teeth that require daily flossing. However, because some of the spaces between my teeth are very narrow, I can't use some types of floss without them breaking as soon as I try to force them into the tight space.

I tried Glide Tape floss a few years ago, and it was a big improvement over traditional floss. It is flat but strong, and it worked great for the areas that were too big for traditional floss. However, it was too wide for the tighter areas, and it was painful to try to floss with it.

Glide also makes a product called Glide Floss, which is still a tape-type of floss but it's more narrow. This was a much better fit for my flossing needs. Because it's flat you can use it on its side for the more narrow spaces, or turn it to the wider edge and reach the wider gaps.

This container has 100 meters of floss, and it seems like it lasts forever. Even with daily use I only have to replace it every two or three months. My only complaint is that I have one space between two teeth for which I have to use regular dental floss to make sure I get everything. However, you never have to pick broken floss string from your teeth with Glide Floss, and it really does leave you with a clean feeling.

I gave it a zero rating on flavor and ingredients because it's not really applicable. This is not one of those flosses that is flavored.