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Crest Pro Health Night Time Toothpaste

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I hate to pick on Crest again because I've always been happy with their products, but lately I'm trying some of their newer stuff and I'm JUST NOT IMPRESSED!! Earlier I reviewed another new product from Crest, which I think may be getting discontinued, and I didn't like that one either. This time I tried the Pro Health Night Time formula and I'm still having issues with them.

First, I'll say that I do like a few things about this product-it does a pretty good job of cleaning as far as I can tell. It seems to get in between teeth a little easier than other toothpastes and that does impress me. I like that it has some "grit" to it. That reminds me of what the dentist uses to polish teeth.

The things I don't like about this one are as follows: First, it's kind of watery for lack of a better word-it doesn't hold its shape on the brush when you first put it on, so it sort of runs off the side of the brush before you get it in your mouth. I have had toothpastes that were worse about the wateriness before, so it's not the WORST I've had, but it should be thicker. Second, the taste isn't there. There is a slight twinge of mintiness, but it certainly isn't enough. There's hardly any flavor at all, so even though your teeth may be cleaner, your mouth doesn't feel as fresh as I think it should just after brushing. Third, it doesn't foam up almost at all! Don't get me wrong-I don't want to look like a rabid dog when I'm brushing my teeth, but I'd like a little bit of suds. This almost feels like putting that old fashioned Comet crystals cleaner on your teeth! It still works well, but you don't feel like it is working as well as it should. And fourth, the PRICE! It's very expensive compared to the alternatives. I don't care if they put a bunch of sandy gritty stuff in there-it shouldn't cost twice as much as regular toothpaste!

The bottom line here is that I think Crest is trying to say that gritty toothpaste is better cleaning for your teeth. I don't know if it necessarily has extra ingredients or more of a certain ingredient as other toothpastes do because I don't have numbers or amounts to be certain. If they lower the price, put some more flavor in there, and make it suds up a bit more so the rest of your mouth gets at least a good rinsing out with the cleaner, I would buy it again. Until then, I'll stick with the NORMAL stuff!