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Crest Pro Health Oral Rinse

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lorianna By lorianna on
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I had received a small promo bottle of Crest Pro-Health Oral Rinse with my purchase of another Crest product, so I got to try it for free. This alcohol-free, mint-tasting mouth rinse not only refreshes your mouth but also fights plaque and gingivitis. The effect is said to last for 12 hours.

I liked the mild taste of this product. Other types of mouthwash can be rather sharp, burning the mouth, you can't wait to spit them out. Crest Pro-Health does not have that problem. It makes the mouth feel fresh, and the effect does last, but I would not say it lasts 12 hours, that's a bit of a stretch. Perhaps the manufacturer meant plaque-fighting, not freshness; that I cannot attest to.

My verdict: Crest Pro-Health is a decent mouthwash. However, I was not induced to buy another bottle. The brand I normally use costs less and works about the same.